Week 2 and MTV Asia

Okay, for those of you shocked and horrified by the preamble to our first update (particularly those family members set back in therapy), it was a JOKE! We did not attempt to bring any pornographic materials into the country (or any gum or drugs, for that matter!) In fact, we left any and all potentially objectionable items at home, including some political books that I was eager to read. Not to worry, though, I am still receiving lots of fun political emails from the Democratic Party, so I won’t feel left out. Let me know if you want to discuss any WMD issues, or if you need to know where you can buy some Hillary merchandise… :)

The good news this week is that the boys finally got into the school we selected. They were #1 and #2 on the waiting list on Wednesday, with no hope of additional openings, but someone dropped out on Friday, so we got in. Hooray for unexpected international transfers! When we met with the admissions director of their new school (the Singapore American School), I voiced some concerns about potential boredom, since one typically moves from Montessori to 1st grade, not to kindergarten. She actually laughed at me, then assured us that that we will not be having any issues of that nature. It should be an interesting few years for the boys. Safety at school will not be an issue either, based on the soldiers standing guard at all entrances (three), armed with what I am told are AK-47s.

Although the time difference problem seems to be resolved (the boys woke up after dawn today and yesterday), the food issue remains. There is some ingredient here (curry, perhaps) that emanates not only from the food itself, but also from those who consume it. At the risk of sounding like a judgmental imperialist, I am not fond of that ingredient’s odor, and neither are the boys. I am sure it will get better with time.

We have not yet been on the night safari, but we have been to the zoo twice. It is easy to see why it is rated one of the best zoos in the world. Most of the animal exhibits seem to be without boundaries, as if the animals could jump out and walk along with you at their leisure (many of the monkeys swing through trees right over the sidewalks). One of the keepers told us that the animals don’t leave their exhibits because “they know where the food comes from.” Fortunately, the carnivores all seem to be fenced in. We still haven’t seen any black spitting cobras, even at the zoo, but we have been told that all local hospitals are equipped with anti-venom, just in case. Apparently, it is more likely that we will encounter a python anyway...

As for entertainment thus far, let’s just say that we spent Saturday night with a bag of Ruffles and more than a few Tiger Beers watching MTV Asia, and leave it at that (I highly recommend the “Laguna Beach” + “Trailer Fabulous” combo for your next romantic evening). That’s all for now. We miss you all and hope you are well.

Take Care,
Shannon et al.

Reminded me so much of life at home...

Alec & Cameron



Boys feeding the elephants


white tiger




pygmy hippo


Alec & Cameron hanging out with the monkeys

Alec and elephant


Alec & Cameron